Brief information about the Promotion “A Prize for active participation”

  1. The duration of the Promotion is published on the website of the company. The Promotion is held on a regular basis and can be divided for clarity into three stages: “Registration”, “Trading”, “Awarding”. The information about the exact dates of every stage can be found on the Client’s Personal Account.

  2. Clients with a Personal Account who expressed their agreement to take part in the Promotion become its participants. It is necessary to have at least one dollar NewGrade account to participate in the Promotion. Several accounts of this type belonging to one Client can take part in the Promotion at the same time.

  3. To register in the Promotion it is required to post a special message in one of the given social nets: Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte (a post is made via a Personal Account) and to deposit a dollar NewGrade account with a sum indicated on a Personal Account.

  4. During the second stage (“Trading”) the Client trades on the account which takes part in the promotion as usual. In the course of trading it is required to make a certain amount of trades and get a relevant volume (exact figures will be indicated on the Personal Account). Withdrawal of funds is not allowed during this stage. Trades which contradict Regulations of transactions are not accepted in the calculation of the total volume.

  5. During the third stage “Awarding” all the trading accounts of Clients who fulfilled the conditions of the number of trades and their total volume participate in the drawing of money prizes. It is a random drawing (trading results do not influence on chances to win a money prize).

  6. Money prizes won by Clients during the drawing are deposited directly on the balance of the relevant trading account and can be used immediately (without any restrictions) if the Client decides.

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