No deposit bonus $50

No deposit bonus $50
Terms of promotion

Brief conditions of the Promotion “Welcome!”

  1. Bonus is offered with the registration of the Customer’s real trading account as one whole service in the frames of the Promotion “Welcome!”;
  2. One Customer can receive only one (real) trading account with the Credit funds (Bonus);
  3. The amount of Bonus in the frames of the present Promotion is 5000 USC (5000 cents);
  4. Bonus is given as a Credit of the (real) trading account;
  5. Profit from trading operations conducted by the Client using Credit funds (Bonus obtained in the frames of the Promotion “Welcome!”) is accrued on the balance of the Customer’s trading account;
  6. The aim of the Credit funds (Bonus) is to provide a Customer with the opportunity to meet the real trading in Forex and the trading conditions of NewForex Group. In the frames of the Promotion “Welcome!” the Client receives funds for trading on the real account to get the first-hand experience of how the trading account changes while Forex trading;
  7. The usage of credit funds for other purposes is considered as improper and can lead to the early termination of the Agreement to participate in the Promotion “Welcome!” (Agreement to participate in the Promotion “Welcome!”);
  8. Profit from the trading only with bonus funds is equated with credit funds.
  9. The Customer has the right decide whether to deposit the trading account with the received Bonus or not;
  10. If the Customer makes a decision to deposit the trading account, the credit funds can be transferred into Balance of the trading account in the future if certain conditions are met, in particular:
    • The amount of the first deposit of the Customer’s trading account should be equal or exceed the full amount of funds available on the trading account at the moment of replenishment (including both Credit funds (Bonus) and funds on Balance being the result of the Customer’s profitable trading);
    • After the replenishment the Customer, within the period specified in the Agreement to participate in the Promotion “Welcome!”, must make the necessary volume of operations (trades) which will allow to withdraw all the funds from Credit into Balance of the trading account. Only transactions made on personal funds but not Bonus funds are accepted for the calculation of the transaction volume.
    • Fulfilling these conditions the Customer gets the opportunity to manage both Credit funds (Bonus) obtained earlier and personal funds.
    • If the Client decides to terminate the participation in the Promotion early without fulfilling the conditions of transferring the credit into balance, the agreement is considered as invalid and credit funds should be repayable.
  11. The conditions of the early termination of the Agreement to participate in the Promotion “Welcome!” are described in the relevant Agreement.

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