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Affiliate program from NewForex
Get up to 50% from spread out of every trade of the attracted client

Taking part in the affiliate program from NewForex you choose reliability of a large broker and comfortable conditions for income. Partner’s fees are deposited instantly regardless of profitability, length and volume of clients’ trades.

Our aim is to offer you the best instruments for progress and income! In the shortest possible time we prepare: promo-pages, banners and texts to meet your requirements

How the affiliate programme works

You register as our Partner and receive a personal affiliate link

Post promotional materials with the link on your site, blog or page in social networks

Clients you attracted conduct trades on the accounts opened in our company

Profit! You get regular partner’s commission fees for every trade

Why choose a NewForex

  • Open statistics Browse full statistics in the Profile
  • Immediate fee Fee is deposited on the Partner’s account as soon as the Referral conducts a trade
  • A free usage of funds Partner’s commission fee can be used and withdrawn immediately
  • No risks A partner gets a fee irrespective of the Client’s trade results
  • Infinite possibilities Finding a client once, the Partner earns a permanent fee

Immediate payments

Partner’s fee is deposited immediately and can be used by the Partner as soon it is deposited

Funds withdrawal is available at:

Our commision for the withdrawal — 0

Examples of real income

Reaz Rasyanto,
Kuala Lumpur
7 days - 4 client, $102 14 days - 7 clients, $194 1 months - 18 clients, $401 12 months - 198 clients, $7922
Morten St. Larsen ,
7 days - 3 client, $45 14 days - 6 clients, $154 1 months - 11 clients, $589 12 months - 188 clients, $14555
Ahmad Junaidi, Garut
7 days - 3 clients, $27 14 days - 6 clients, $90 1 months - 10 clients, $151 8 months - 98 clients, $6803

Become our partner Fill in a simple application form and get your affiliate link and the access to the Profile

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