Risk Disclosure

Forex currency market affords professionals (professional Forex traders) an opportunity that is unobtainable in many other business spheres. NewForex Group offers reliable and time-proved tools which allow to gain substantial profits from transactions (operations) at the Forex market. But every tool demands an appropriate treatment and especially powerful tools require professionalism and rigorous compliance with safety arrangements while using them.

As a professional activity in the sphere of financial markets, currency trading at Forex has a number of peculiarities that might carry several specific risks. NewForex Group emphasizes the importance of examining all the documents provided on our website before starting trading and making an informed decision whether the risks taken are admissible and if possible losses, financial charges or shortfall losses might have a negative influence on your financial status.

Hereunder are represented only general and the most significant moments. This brief notification should not be considered as the comprehensive description of all possible cases.

  • Before opening a trading account, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all the documents forming part of the public documents package of NewForex Group and at least basic principles of Forex trading.
  • As long as some types of accounts are provided with leverage (marginal trading), a trader is required to know what a marginal trade is and be aware of special characteristics of certain types of accounts and contract specifications, including marginal requirements for trades.
  • Asset prices can significantly change during the short period of time at Forex market. In some cases it can lead to significant modifications of such account parameters as «Free cash» and «Margin». A trader should realize responsibility for maintaining a necessary margin level of the trading account.
  • If the margin level is not enough, current positions of the trader can be forcibly closed because of Margin Call and Stop Out. In order to avoid such situations, the trader should have a certain balance on the account within the risk level which the trader considers as acceptable.
  • A trader understands that in certain circumstances changes of the market volatility (including unpredictable events) can have a stick-slip nature, while transfer and processing of the trading order takes a small but different from zero duration in time. In this respect there is a probability that trading orders (buy, sell, modification or close-out) may not be executed at the price that has been actual at the moment when the trading order was sent. In equal measure it concerns both: trading market orders and pending orders.
  • NewForex Group makes every effort to provide the highest level of security and convenience while trading at Forex market. However, there are circumstances including force majeure situations when it is impossible to execute trading orders in the proper way. Such situations include damage to machinery, communication channels and power supply, software crashes (on both sides — the Customer and the provider of certain services). A trader obligatorily takes into account such (and similar) circumstances while making a decision whether it is possible for a trader to avoid such kind of situations or not.
  • According to preferences and financial opportunities the Customer chooses hardware and software means that are used to operate on the trading account at NewForex. Meanwhile, the Customer is responsible for the choice and possible consequences. NewForex Group recommends to study all license agreements and instructions that come with software and hardware means. Moreover, a trader provides individually the required security level (when necessary coding) of personal information (such as, for example, login and password to access the trading account on the trading and financial platform of New Forex Trader or the Personal account on newforex.com)
  • NewForex Group does not give any direct or indirect recommendations or instructions to perform operations. All information and reference materials, informative and analytical support of Customers should be considered as food for thought. Decisions to make trading orders should be taken by the trader only. NewForex Group recommends to be very careful while using «advice, signals, trading recommendations and analytics» which the trader finds on other resources (not connected with NewForex Group).
  • All the above given information should not be considered as comprehensive description of all important moments that a Forex trader should take into account while trading.

NewForex Group makes everything possible to provide safety and convenience to its Customers. We are ready to provide consulting support if you have questions regarding safety provision. Please, contact NewForex specialists in any convenient way for you in order to get additional information. Furthermore, if you are not the Customer* of NewForex Group, please, make acquainted with the Public Documents Package that is presented on the site: newforex.com.

*All real NewForex Customers are obliged to learn public documents package and accept all the paragraphs and regulations. It is considered as the acceptance of the offer addressed by NewForex Group to public.