Fundamental analysis from New Forex: The Asia-Pacific region

Fundamental analysis from New Forex: The Asia-Pacific region

Posted on January 11, 2017, 11:42 AM

Tonight the press conference of the U.S. President Donald Trump will take place. It will be for the first time since elections and as it is expected it can turn the markets upside down. During the conference some strategic objectives in the relation to tax policy, trade and budgeted expenses will become clear. Today many participants of the markets are forced to reckon with protectionist sentiment in the American economy which can undermine world trade both in short and in the long term. In the region MSCI Index is traded near its November maxima with a surplus in 0.42% while Japanese shares grew up by 0.4%, and also traded at the pre-election levels of November. Speaking about Wall Street shares are traded with almost zero surplus as investors are afraid of opening line items on traditional assets in anticipation with important political news. In Australia and Canada the ASX and TSX indexes were closed with 1.9 and 2.4% of a surplus. The greenback suffered from the weakening profitability of the treasury bonds which spread out from 2.64% of its two-year maxima. The dollar is traded at the level of 116.10 against yen near a three-week minimum in 115.06 which it reached earlier on the 6th of January. The dollar index also departed from its early 14-year maximum in 103.82 which was reached the 3rd of January.

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