Forex for Beginners

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Bollinger Bands

Plenty of indicators are used by traders to analyse the market, however only a small part of them can help to estimate the volatility of market processes.

Can robots trade in Forex? (Part 2)

It is important to understand that buying an outside product a trader can not always rely on the fact that a software developer will come to assistance if an advisor starts glitching in trading.

Can robots trade in Forex? (Part 1)

The question might seem controversial but if you study it in detail then you can give a positive answer and confirm that yes robots can trade in Forex market and bring profit to a trader.

Forex market - a play or permanent work (Part 2)

In the first part of the article it was highlighted how necessary it is for every trader to ask himself or herself a question: What am I doing in the market?

Forex market — a play or permanent work? (Part 1)

Why do people take up trading and come to Forex? - that is a question frequently asked in forums.

Rebate - what is it and how useful it might be for a trader

A lot of traders probably came across such a notion as «rebate». This notion is quite often used by brokerage offices. So what does it mean and why do brokerage offices pay a big attention to work with rebate?

What is the difference between Forex market and the futures market?

The majority of traders-beginners quite often can not understand the difference between Forex and the futures market.

The importance of the technical analysis for a trader

Technical analysis is considered as a universally acknowledged approach to study the financial market processes in order to provide a very precise, as far as it is possible, forecasting of the currency movement.

For beginners of trading (Part 2)

Let’s continue studying the experience of traders in order to give beginners a warning about a lot of mistakes.

For beginners of trading (Part 1)

Beginners of trading are probably in the most difficult situation among all the participants of Forex market.

Mobile trading

Mobile trading allows to make transactions by means of portable devices. A lot of traders are not always able to sit at the PC.

Efficient market

Efficient market theory implies that any even inconsiderable information can influence on the price movement.

The random walk theory

Biologists, physicists, mathematicians were trying to seeking a sense in the notion of randomness. Finally from the middle of the 20th century economists started to apply the idea of random numbers to stock quotes.

The regular market theory

The regular market theory offers to study macroeconomic data including not only regional data but also trading sector data.

What bonds are profitable for investment?

There was no doubt in the security of the U.S.Treasury bonds issued to discharge the debt of the country. Investment in treasury bonds seemed almost an equivalent of risk-free assets.