Our Partners-Exchangers

If you are using a payment system that isn't accepted by NewForex you can exchange money through our partners:




Indonesia    Edi Marsel    Mail: boss_marcel@yahoo.com, Whatsapp: +62 813-2231-2131
Indonesia    James Kareren    Mail: jameskareren@gmail.com
Indonesia    Safri Syamsudin    Mail: fbsasian@gmail.com
Malaysia    Syahmi Reza    Mail: syahmi.reza78@gmail.comWhatsapp: +60 12-280 9587


  NewForex is a profitable broker with the ability to deposit and withdraw with minimal losses. Our Indonesian clients can use www.utama-exchange.com service to use PayCo for buying USD by rates of Bank Indonesia.  Then deposit account on NewForex in ratio 1:1, the same ratio 1:1 also works for withdrawals.  


NoticeNewForex Group is not a representative of the above-mentioned mediators (partners-exchangers) and does not carry any responsibility for transactions between a client and a partner as soon as funds from NewForex accounts are transferred. 

A client and a partner-exchanger manage funds individually according to concluded agreements between each side, we highly recommend clients to check current information regarding security of the payee before transferring funds to the mediator.