For exchangers who work with currencies and electronic payment systems we developed special model of cooperation called “Partner-exchanger”. Joining this model and placing deposit/withdrawal rates of NewForex client accounts, a Partner gets an opportunity to receive local or electronic currency from clients and to deposit their accounts in NewForex.

  Partner - exchanger can increase incomse by adding a referral banner on his website, which allows to gain standard commission like Introducing Broker in addition to currency exchange commission.


  Our terms and conditions:

1. Partner - exchanger can receive money from clients by local cash or electronic currency payments;

2. Depositting money to Clients account is realized through a Partner's DW-account (balance). Partner can make a deposit to his DW-account via WebMoney, Neteller, QIWI, Skrill, PayCo, Visa, MasterCard;

3. Instant transaction between DW-account and client’s account;

4. 1.0-1.5 points from trades of attracted clients;

5. Detailed statistics of clients in partner account;

6. No restrictions on the commission size, the minimum number of clients, frequency of payments which are used by other brokerage companies;

7. A wide variety of branded tools for client acquisition.



You can also choose another model of cooperation:





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CPA (Cost Per Action)


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