Forex advisor Pattern Graphix

Take advantage of the advisor together with NewForex

Stop missing key figures on the chart, avoid losses and boost your profit acquiring

better understanding of the money market

Pattern Graphix automatically defines figures of the technical analysis in the terminal Meta Trader 4, it is an irreplaceable assistant of any modern trader. In Pattern Graphix a search for figures is performed online, as a result you will not miss a figure which warns about highly possible market movements.

Moreover, Pattern Graphix provides a mechanism for individual settings which display signals for an instrument, period of time or even for a type of analysis.
Thanks to Pattern Graphix you will analyse different trading charts more accurately and receive current information about the right direction to open a trade. It will help you to set a key target reaching which it is required to leave the market.What’s more, using the plugin you will understand more clearly the necessary frequency of making trades.
Prompts of Pattern Graphix really work boosting trading efficiency of users of the software package in Forex. Don’t lag behind the market and get your personal assistant represented by Pattern Graphix!
Undeniable advantages of the advisor:
Speed. It takes less than 2 seconds to find actual patterns
Simplicity. Models are visualised in such a way that even a novice could understand them
Comfort. Instruments and figures are in one advisor, settings are in one menu
Detail. It works at any strategies and timeframes (including 1M and 5M)
Help in trading. It indicates recommended Stop Loss and Take Profit
Notifications. Display of information on the chart, output of pop-up alerts, sending notifications to a smartphone and email.
Examples of advisor’s work: