According to the conditions of the promotion, profit from trading with bonus funds is withdrawn with the bonus. To get the funds which include bonus and profit from trading only with the bonus funds or to transfer these funds to external accounts of payments systems, it is required to transfer the funds into balance.

The transfer of a total volume of funds into balance is made in 2 steps.

The first step — a deposit of the bonus account with the amount not less than the Bonus ($50) plus profit received from the trading with bonus funds. If there was some loss of bonus funds, then it is required to deposit Bonus ($50) minus the loss.

The second step — to make not less than 50 trades with the total volume of them measured in lots. As all the accounts which take part in the promotion are cent accounts, lots are cent as well. Exactly the same as they are represented in the trading terminal.

The total mamount of lots necessary to transfer the credit into balance is calculated according to the following formula:

According to the conditions of the Promotion “Welcome”  all the funds of the trading account and not only those which are shown as balance should be considered in counting the minimum amount of the bonus account deposit.

If you want only your balance to be counted, then you should close all open positions. In this case a minimum amount of the deposit is balance+credit.

Bonus in the promotion “Welcome” can be monetized if required by the promotion participant. A procedure of transferring the credit into balance was developed for this purpose. See all the details in clause 7 of the Agreement to participate in the Action.

First of all, bonus in the promotion “Welcome” is the real money transferred to real accounts serviced according to all the standards of the currency dealing.

Secondly, making transactions on the account with bonus funds you get the opportunity to form your trader’s statement before investing your personal funds and depositing your assets you would increase the total deposit volume which leads to the rise of its investment potential.

Firstly, Clients who take part in the Promotion “Welcome” gain additional benefits in implementation of their trading strategies in the form of advanced opportunities which in its turn enhances the potential of getting profit.

For Clients who open their account for the first time in our company bonus is the opportunity to test the support service of real accounts before investing personal funds making transactions with real money before the verification of the trader.

1.If you don't have any account:

Visit partnership's landing page and complete registration.

2. If you already have a client's account:

Partnership functions will be added to your existing account when you once login on site using this form.

For the control of fraud every Partner as well as the Client should verify an identity. You can do it in the Profile attaching two documents: a document of identification and address.

You can get the partner’s fee by choosing the payment system which is convenient for you in the Profile: Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney , YandexMoney, QIWI, AlfaClick Bank , Skrill

Your profit depends completely on you, on the efficiency of a method you prefer and a bit on luck. According to statistics amateurs earn 150-200 USD spending a couple of hours a day. Income of more experienced partners ranges up to several thousand USD a month.

Affiliate programs are aimed to earn money by a partner, that’s why they do not imply any expenses from his/her part. However, if you have the opportunity and wish to bring your participation in the affiliate program to a potentially new level (with income of more than 2000 USD) you can order contextual or teaser advertising which will multiply the traffic of potential referals and as a result your partner’s fee.

The universality of the referal link is that you can post it wherever you want. In the personal message, on the thematic forum, in the post, blog, article, social network, place it on the banner. If you write analytics, post your graphs or video connected with Forex, place there your referal link and every click can potentially bring you a referal.

The main thing is that your advert should be in the form of useful articles and materials, not just spam links with two sentences about some advantages of the broker. Topics of interest on forums and social networks can be discussed for a long time and finally go up without your participation — as a result a large amount of views  => registration via your link  => your fees.