According to the conditions of the promotion, profit from trading with bonus funds is withdrawn with the bonus. To get the funds which include bonus and profit from trading only with the bonus funds or to transfer these funds to external accounts of payments systems, it is required to transfer the funds into balance.

The transfer of a total volume of funds into balance is made in 2 steps.

The first step — a deposit of the bonus account with the amount not less than the Bonus ($50) plus profit received from the trading with bonus funds. If there was some loss of bonus funds, then it is required to deposit Bonus ($50) minus the loss.

The second step — to make not less than 50 trades with the total volume, measured in lots. As all the accounts which take part in the promotion are cent accounts, lots are micro as well. Exactly the same as they are represented in the trading terminal when you are logged to a bonus account.

The volume to trade depends on the amount of profit or loss a trader has received from trading with bonus money. The formula to find out the number of lots you need to trade is bonus + profit x 0.07 = number of lots.

Example if the profit is $10:
A trader has a bonus 5000 usc ($50), profit 1000($10) = 6000($60).
6000x0.07=420 lots. To withdraw $60 credit funds a trader needs to trade minimum 50 trades with a total corporate volume 420 lots.
After that a trading account has no limits to withdraw bonus and its profit, and the rest of money on the trading account.
For details, please, see point 7 of the Agreement to participate in the Promotion "Welcome!".

Statistics of the bonus trading account are available in your Personal Cabinet.
My accounts - My Bonuses - Detailed
Right after your deposit, the system begins to count lots and trades amount.



According to conditions of the Promotion “Welcome”  all the funds of the trading account and not only those which are shown as balance should be considered in counting the minimum amount of the bonus account deposit.

If you want only your balance to be counted, then you should close all open positions. In this case a minimum amount of the deposit is balance+credit.

Bonus in the promotion “Welcome” can be monetized if required by a promotion participant. A procedure of transferring the credit into balance was developed for this purpose. See all details in clause 7 of the Agreement to participate in the Promotion.

First of all, a bonus in the promotion “Welcome” is the real money transferred to real accounts serviced according to all the standards of currency dealing.

Secondly, trading on the bonus account you get the opportunity to form your trader’s statement before investing your personal funds and depositing your assets you increase the total deposit volume which leads to the growth of its investment potential.

Firstly of all, Clients who take part in the Promotion “Welcome” gain additional benefits in implementation of their trading strategies receiving wide margin opportunities which in their turn increase the trader's potential to gain profit.

For Clients who open their account for the first time in our company this bonus is the opportunity to test the support service of real accounts before investing personal funds making trades with real money prior to the trader's verification.

Statistics of the bonus trading account is available at your Personal Cabinet My accounts - My Bonuses - Detailed. Right after your deposit, the system begins to count lots and the number of trades.


Here are the Terms&Conditions of the Promotion "Welcome!". To get information about withdrawals, please, see Point 7.

The minimum amount to deposit is $50+profit at the moment of transferring money, then a trader has to make minimum 50 trades with a certain amount of lots. The amount of lots depends on profit or loss from trading with bonus money.

You should register a Profile with NewForex and a trading account with the bonus $50 (5000 US cents) will be created for you if you choose it. You can start with reading  Terms&Conditions right here.

It means that margin requirements of trading operations do not take into consideration bonus funds but only trader's personal funds. It is necessary to minimize the risk of losing all the funds on the trading account.

Yes, during the registration, you just indicate that you do not want to have a bonus trading account.

1. If you don't have any account:

Visit partnership's landing page and complete registration.

2. If you already have a client's account:

Partnership functions will be added to your existing account when you once login on site using this form.

With the purpose of anti-fraud control every Partner as well as the Client should be verified. You can do it in the Profile attaching a document of identification.

You can get the partner’s fee by choosing the payment system which is convenient for you in the Profile: Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, YandexMoney, QIWI, AlfaClick Bank, Skrill, PayCo.

Your profit depends completely on you, on efficiency of a method you prefer and a bit on luck. According to statistics, amateurs earn 150-200 USD spending a couple of hours a day. Income of more experienced partners ranges up to several thousand USD a month.

Affiliate programs are aimed at earning money by a partner, that’s why they do not imply any expenses from his/her part. However, if you have the opportunity and wish to raise your participation in the affiliate program to a potentially new level (with income of more than 2000 USD), you can order contextual or teaser advertising which will multiply the traffic of potential referals and as a result your partner’s fee.

The universality of the referal link is that you can post it wherever you want: in personal messages, on the thematic forum, in the post, blog, article, social network, post it on a banner. If you write analytics, post your graphs or videos connected with Forex, post there your referal link and every click can bring you potentially a referal.

The main thing is that your advert should be in the form of useful articles and materials, not just spam links with two sentences about some advantages of the broker. Topics of interest on forums and social networks can be discussed for a long time and finally go up without your participation, as a result a large amount of views  => registration via your link  => your fees.

You just need to go to Personal Cabinet to your trading accounts list, click on account number and change settings you want to adjust. You can change leverage, swap or passwords for a trading account.

You need to go to the profile page and choose a document type in the drop-box, then click on a square and choose a file, after that you click "upload".

To open a trading account use the button "Open a real account" in the Personal Cabinet.

When you open a trading account, all access data is sent to an e-mail indicated during the registration.

NewForex offers two types of trading accounts:

First Stream and New Grade.

More detailed information you will find here.

To open a demo-account use either a button "Open a demo-account" on the main page of the website, or do it in the terminal NewForex Trader via File menu — Open an account. Choose the server — NewForex-Demo or do it in the Personal cabinet here.

Verification is obligatory. Verification of documents takes 1 - 3 working days.

You can open not more than 10 trading accounts under your NewForex ID.

Dear Sir/Madam, you have an e-mail with mt4 password.

Open MT4 platform, then you need to enter a login (trade account number), a password (pass for mt4), a server name (NewForex-Live), CHECK if everything is correct, then click LOGIN button.

We are about to change a mobile platform, so for some time mobile trading will be unavailable. Soon we will upload new mobile software. Please, subscribe to our company news to find out the release date. For the time being trading is available through MT4 for Windows only.

You need to check an e-mail box thoroughly, including - Spam, Promotions and Updates. If there is no success, you can set your own pass just from Personal Cabinet. You need to go to your trading accounts list, click the account number and change settings you want to adjust, including MT4 password reset.

You can use any of payments systems listed here.

You can either deposit to the necessary trading account or to one of the profile wallets and then transfer money to your trading account. The list of payment systems integrated into NewForex is provided in the Personal Account.

To transfer funds between trading accounts and to order funds withdrawal into external payment systems it is necessary to transfer the required amount to one of profile wallets.

The financial department of the company withdraws funds in order of priority within 1-3 working days.

Leverage is the relation between the margin and the volume of trading operations.

All advantages and restrictions are described in the Regulations of Transactions.

It is an account which is not charged for rollover. So called Islamic accounts.

You can apply Expert Advisors in trading. Make sure that your robot trades according to NewForex Regulations.

Information about available trading instruments (Forex, Commodities/Metals and CFD) is here.