NewForex Group offers several account types. You can choose the most appropriate and comfortable for you!

One of the main objectives of NewForex is to provide Clients the opportunity to carry out operations in a comfortable and safe way in the international exchange Forex market taking into account needs, experience and financial capacity of every Client.

Although every account type has its own peculiar features, NewForex Group offers its Customers the following opportunities no matter what type of account the Customer has chosen:

  • To open accounts in several deposit currencies;
  • An opportunity to open accounts in cents and euro-cents;
  • Unrestricted direct access to real liquidity;
  • The service of signals, trades copying and other in-demand opportunities for traders;
  • The equally high quality of quoting and order processing on all types of accounts;
  • Total freedom to choose the strategy and operating procedures (including automatic trading);
  • 24/7 technical and consulting Support;
  • Full information and analytical support.



Is Forex a new sphere to apply your intellectual capacity? Start your big journey into the financial world with Micro trading account which provides safety, exclusive convenience and reliability. These things are so necessary at the start!

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Is speed and immediate realization of orders the most important for you in Forex trading? — Standard trading accounts are just what you need! They are optimized for achieving the highest speed of quoting!

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